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What is this all about?

This site is a collection of mazes that I have drawn. They are all hand drawn, detailed, and solvable. As you may have noticed, we sort our mazes into 5 main categories:

Classic Maze: A self explanatory name. These maze types are the regular mazes that we all know and love.

Noodle Maze: This maze is like spaghetti. It is 3 dimensional with over/under pathways which create terribly hard puzzles.

Line Maze: Unlike following a pathway, now you are traveling on a line! This maze becomes increasingly tricky in the next category.

Crazy Maze: This is a smorgasbord of mazes. It takes all 3 existing maze types and mashes them into one truly epic maze.

Other Maze: Other mazes are the inventive sort. This is where I put all of the mazes I create that don't fall into the above categories (They can also be used in Crazy Mazes as well).

More can be read about the maze types and how they work in the How to Maze page.